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From: <Stephen dot Sprague at morganstanley dot com>
Subject: Sybase::Xfer
Date: Jun 14 2003 2:21PM

I figure it was time to upload a new release  of  Sybase::Xfer  to  CPAN
given that the one there is so old. The latest release is now 0.63.

thanks again to those who've expressed interest and given invaluable
feedback. I'm actually surprised this thing hasn't been rendered obsolete
by now. :]

Stephen Sprague

version 0.63

* fixed bug where hostname was not populated on
  target server connection.

* fixed bug where numeric data greater than
  2 gig was not transferring properly.

* fixed bug where -from_database was not used

version 0.62

* added switch --textsize for use with
  bulk inserting text/images.

* fixed binary/varbinary/image/timestamp column
  xfer bug.  (rocco ditaranto)

* added switch --packetsize for potentially
  increasing bulk insert performance.

* fixed bug with misreporting a float that
  underflowed/overflowed was due to non-numeric

* made warnings (-w) compliant.

* fixed bug with specifying shortcut switches
  -T & -D for both source and target.

* removed dependency on DBD::Sybase. Seems it
  didn't play nice with Sybase::CTlib under some

* fixed bug with xferring identity columns and
  requesting the target server to create new ones.
  ie. xfer now undef's the corresponding value.

* xfer now explicitly extends the input record
  with undef's if it's shorter than the target

version 0.60

* bug fix. fixed bad behavior with switches -P and -U

* enhancement. when using switch --auto_delete
  the module only xfer's the distinct keys

* doc. ammended doc to make more explicit that
  the --where_clause can be used even if --from_table
  not specified. Ie.  it can still be used with the

* converted to CTLib::BLK for tables created with
  'lock datarows'

* unicode support of target server. (rocco ditaranto)

* -from_perl switch. bug fix, If this callback returned a
  zero status on the first call indicating no rows
  to transfer the module reported a phantom error.

* -from_perl switch. added return status of -1 to skip
  the row.

* -from_perl will accept an array-ref indicating each
  element is an array-ref of data to transfer.

* new switch. --set_identity_insert | --sii
  directs the sybase server to use the identity values
  in the source rather than generate new ones.