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From: "Campbell, Peter E" <peter dot campbell at twc dot state dot tx dot us>
Subject: Build problems
Date: May 9 2003 6:00PM

I am trying in install sybperl on an AIX 4.3.3 system but can't build it. We
have 4 previous installations of 2.13 that I think were installed by a
contractor, now long gone. I copied the tar file to a 5th machine, un-tared
it, edited the CONFIG file and did the "perl Makefile.PL". It does not seem
to read the CONFIG file. It is setting SYBASE to the home directory of the
sybase account instead of the value specified in the CONFIG file. If I
manually export all the environment variables in the CONFIG file then the
"perl Makefile.PL" completes with no complaints but the subsequent "make"
blows up. Can anyone tell me how to get the information in the CONFIG file
to be read properly? By the way, I have the same problem with 2.15.

Peter Campbell