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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: money format
Date: Apr 10 2003 12:43AM

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On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 17:24, wrote:

> Thank you. That's what we have been doing using commify subroutine, but I
> was just wondering what we can do with UseMoney attribute, because in the
> manual, it says "If TRUE, keep MONEY data retrieved via ct_fetch() in
> native format instead of converting the data to double precision floating
> point." and I thought the native format is Money format, something like
> "200,000".

No - the native "money" format is an 8 byte integer (in binary format)
with an implied decimal point in the fourth position from the right.

This is how "money" data is handled natively in C or C++ using the
cs_calc() routines, to avoid any loss of precision which is inherent
with using floating point data.

The UseMoney attribute has nothing to do with how the values are


> Michael Peppler  on 10 Apr 2003 02:45
> To:   Sybperl-L Mailing List 
> cc:   Xiujian LIN/TKY/IBJP/HSBC@HSBC
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> Subject:  Re:
> On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 19:30, wrote:
> > How to keep data in Money format in the result of a sql query using
> > SYBASE::CTlib?
> > I have tried set "UseMoney" attribute to dbh, but it seems not working,
> it
> > stills shows, for example, 200000 instead of 200,000. Here is my sample
> > script:
> The 200,000 format is something that is handled by the client - it's
> actually a string format.
> Currently sybperl doesn't handle this format directly, but you can do it
> yourself like this (taken from the "Perl Cookbook", O'Reilly):
> sub commify {
>     my $text = reverse $_[0];
>     $text =~ s/(\d\d\d)(?=\d)(?!\d*\.)/$1,/g;
>     return scalar reverse $text;
> }
> Michael
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