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From: "Matthew O dot Persico" <persicom at acedsl dot com>
Subject: Re: SYBASE Env Var
Date: Apr 5 2003 2:47AM

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003 15:04:44 -0500, McCarthy, John wrote:
>We have several versions of sybase and 2 versions of perl in our
>environment:  5.005_3 and 5.6.0.  Some our "apps" have a header line
>that causes them to run in the "old" environment.  Many of these
>apps have failures of one sort or another when run in the "new"
>Sybperl was compiled with perl 5.6.0.  When Sybperl is invoked from
>5.6.0, it behaves as expected, but when invoked from under 5.005_03,
>it changes $ENV{SYBASE} to the value that was used to build Sybperl.
>The same problem occurs whether using: use Sybase::DBlib;
>or use Sybperl;
>We know that the apps need to be retrofitted to perl 5.6.0 (or
>5.8.0), but is there any workaround in the short run?

Technically, your apps need to to be upgraded, not retrofitted, but who cares except for the anal among us.

The way around this is to have your sysadmin put the 5.005_03 perl in his PATH ahead of the 5.6.0 version. Then build and install Sybperl.  The installation should default to different directory structures for 5.005_03 and 5.6.0, leaving you with Sybperl available for both installations.
Matthew O. Persico