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From: Shigeya Suzuki <shigeya at FORETUNE dot CO dot JP>
Subject: Re: List archive is online
Date: Mar 21 2003 2:09AM

>>>>> "mpeppler" == Michael Peppler  writes:

mpeppler> I've got everything since September 1997. 1996 and the rest
mpeppler> of 1997 is partly missing, but I've even got some from the
mpeppler> end of 1995 (not all that useful today, but kind of fun to
mpeppler> read all the same :-)

If you need, I've been archiving sybperl-l since October 1995. Some
may missing (while I'm reconfigure mailagent rule on list address
change) but almost all of them are here. About 4.2M gzip compresed.


werdna 8% du .
4225    .
werdna 9% ls
199912.gz       200109.gz       8002            9703.gz         9809.gz
200001.gz       200110.gz       9510.gz         9704.gz         9810.gz
200005.gz       200111.gz       9511.gz         9705.gz         9811.gz
200006.gz       200112.gz       9512.gz         9706.gz         9812.gz
200007.gz       200201.gz       9601.gz         9707.gz         9901.gz
200008.gz       200202.gz       9602.gz         9708.gz         9902.gz
200009.gz       200203.gz       9603.gz         9709.gz         9903.gz
200010.gz       200204.gz       9604.gz         9710.gz         9904.gz
200011.gz       200205.gz       9605.gz         9711.gz         9905.gz
200012.gz       200206.gz       9606.gz         9712.gz         9906.gz
200101.gz       200207.gz       9607.gz         9801.gz         9907.gz
200102.gz       200208.gz       9608.gz         9802.gz         9908.gz
200103.gz       200209.gz       9609.gz         9803.gz         9909.gz
200104.gz       200210.gz       9610.gz         9804.gz         9910.gz
200105.gz       200211.gz       9611.gz         9805.gz         9911.gz
200106.gz       200212.gz       9612.gz         9806.gz
200107.gz       200301.gz       9701.gz         9807.gz
200108.gz       200302.gz       9702.gz         9808.gz