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From: "Jayson Pifer" <JPifer at jefco dot com>
Subject: Re: Switch SEPARATOR between different BCP runs
Date: Oct 30 2003 8:11PM

        The default is already a TAB, have you tried without the field? Or
to pass it interpolated with double quotes instead?


"Lin, Arthur" 
Sent by:
10/30/03 02:33 PM

        To:     "'Michael Peppler'" 
        cc:     "Sybperl-L Mailing List" 
        Subject:        Switch SEPARATOR between different BCP runs

For the first BCP run I set

Use Sybase::BLK;

$BCP->config(DIRECTION => IN,

        INPUT => "$FID_REPO_FILE_BCP",

        OUTPUT => "$Database..$dl_table",

        ERRORS => "$dl_table.err",

        SEPARATOR=> '\|',

        FIELDS => 27,

        BATCH_SIZE => 1000);

$RowCount = $BCP->run;

And it works.

For the second BCP run I set

                        INPUT => "$ListFile",

                        OUTPUT => "$ListTable",

                        ERRORS => "$ListFile.err",

                        FIELDS => 3,

                        BATCH_SIZE => 6000,

                        SEPARATOR => '\t');

        die "\tBCP in $ListTable failed\n" unless ( $GP_BLK->run ==
$RowCount );
        unlink $ListFile, "$ListFile.err";

But it fails because it does not take '\t' as a separator.

Am I doing something wrong here to reset the separator ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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