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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: DBD::Sybase and Sybase::CTlib build problems w/ 5.8.1, Solaris, gcc 3.x
Date: Oct 16 2003 12:04AM

FYI DBD::Sybase and Sybase::CTlib fail at the "make test" stage on
Solaris (and possibly other platforms) with perl 5.8.1 and gcc 3.x.

The problem is the default LDDLFLAGS configuration value that is used
with 5.8.1, which includes the following flags:
	-z ignore -z lazyload -z combreloc

For some reason these linker flags cause Sybase's -ltcl to NOT get
linked in to the .so file, with the result that DBD::Sybase and
Sybase::CTlib fail to load with relocation errors when trying to load
Sybase's (I've seen symbols "com_tds_maptoken" and
"dcl_result_drop" mentioned in the error message).

I'm going to try to figure out why these -z flags inhibit linking
Sybase's, but in the meantime the work-around is to edit the
Makefile after running "perl Makefile.PL" and remove the offending
entries from the LDDLFLAGS macro.

Michael Peppler                              Data Migrations, Inc.       
Sybase T-SQL/OpenClient/OpenServer/C/Perl developer available for short or 
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