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From: "Avis, Ed" <avised at kbcfp dot com>
Subject: RE: 'Sybase error: Unknown network type found in interface file'
Date: Oct 10 2003 3:31PM

Michael Peppler  wrote:

>Michael Burstin is correct - the TLI format is only supported 
>on Solaris and DEC/Tru-64 (IIRC). Client Library is capable of
>reading both formats (on both platforms), but DB-Library only
>reads the platform specific format, so for Linux you need to
>create a "normal" interfaces file:
>        query tcp ether 1400
>        master tcp ether 1400

Could you explain that again?  I didn't quite understand.

Are you saying that ctlib reads the interfaces file, sees 'tli'
but decides to use 'ether' instead since it knows TLI is not
available?  Whereas dblib is not so clever and needs to be told
the correct format to start with?

Or do you mean that TLI format does work with ctlib on Linux,
but does not work with dblib on Linux?

What would be the effect on ctlib applications if I changed the
interfaces file as you suggest above?

Ed Avis