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From: David Landgren <david at mongueurs dot net>
Subject: Re: datetime values
Date: Jan 29 2003 9:56PM

Sabherwal, Balvinder (MBS) wrote:
> List,
> I am selecting a datetime type column from the database table and while I'm
> losing the second and ms second value from it. Can anyone show me how can I
> preserve the second and ms as well in my select.
> i.e. if I select the value in dbartisan it shows me as "1/29/03 3:03:13.847
> PM" but if I select and print the same column from the perl scrip, it shows
> me only "1/29/03 3:03PM"

How are you retrieving it? I ran into a similar problem last year and 
posted here. I am sort of embarassed to repeat the story, but it was 
because I was convert()-ing the datetime into a fixed string. Instead of 
using a char(30) I was using a char(27). (Or whatever the length was, I 

Because my supplied string was too short, Sybase obligingly truncated it 
for me. It just so happened that the truncation occurred at a certain 
boundary in the string, which made me think I was losing something in 
the conversion. I was, but it was my fault.

> This is important for the script as in the later part, this script dose an
> update to the table which fails as column value is not same as the variable
> value due to the second and ms part missing.

If you are extracting the original datetime via a convert, you should 
also do an update by comparing the two converted values.

Hope this helps,

> Thanks