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From: David Landgren <david at mongueurs dot net>
Subject: (OT) Sybase memory footprint
Date: Jan 13 2003 2:03PM


First and foremost, happy new year and sorry for this slightly off-topic 

I have a Sybase 11 installation running on a Solaris box with 512Mb. It 
is configured so as to give Sybase exactly half the RAM, i.e. 256. I 
recently upgraded the machine to 1Gb RAM.

I would like to tell Sybase to use 384Mb now. As things stands, the 
config file (hostname.cfg) has all values = DEFAULT, apart from the 

   cache size = 10M
   cache status = log only
   pool size = 9.0000M
   cache status = default data cache
   total memory = 128000
   number of user connections = 64
   number of locks = 12500

I was under the impression that I just had to scale up the "total 
memory" setting. When I changed it to 192000 and then 144000 and even 
130000, Sybase refused to start and emitted a kernel / vmem kind of 
error. No, I didn't write the error down, I was nervous and more 
interested in just having Sybase run, at any amount of memory used. So I 
returned to the initial value and everything is fine.

So the question is what did I do wrong, or what did I not do that I 
should have?

David "formerly" Landgren