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From: David Owen <dowen at midsomer dot org>
Subject: RE: BCP
Date: Sep 13 2002 7:13PM

>>>>> "Mitesh" == London   writes:

  Mitesh> got it to work by using Sybase::DBlib::DBSETLPACKET($packetsize);

  Mitesh> but it throws an error:

  Mitesh> DB-Library error: Packet size of 8192 not supported -- size of
  Mitesh> 512 used instead.

  Mitesh> although when i use isql / bcp from UNIX i am able to use "-A
  Mitesh> 4096"

Which is different from 8192 :-)

  Mitesh> the "max network packet size" config parameter is set to 8192.

What is "default network packet size" set to (I think that is the one, if I
have the exact name wrong, you will see the one I mean.)

If "max network packet size" is bigger than "default..." then you need to
have "additional network memory" configured.  It is all documented, but
essentially, when the server boots it allocates enough memory for each user
to have the "default" amount.  It also sets aside the "additional network
memory".  Any connection asking for > default sized packets causes the
server to look in the "additional..." memory pool: if there is the
necessary free memory, the connection is granted, otherwise it falls back
to the default.  If this is not in the FAQ it should be.  Note to self,
check it out!!!

David Owen     Midsomer Consultants Inc.
Maintainer of the Sybase FAQ: