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From: "Rybacki, Jim" <jrybacki at citistreetonline dot com>
Subject: Trying to cycle through ~150 Servers -ct_con_alloc failed
Date: Sep 12 2002 4:08PM

I could use some help here.

	OS        : HP/UX 11.0
	Perl       : 5.005_03
	Sybperl  :sybperl-2.14
	CT-LIB   : Sybase Client-Library/11.1.1/P-EBF8061
	Sybase  : -> 11.9.2

The problem:
	I'm trying to cycle through approximately 150 Sybase
	servers on seperate machines in order collect information.
	After about 4 interations of the server loop I receive the 
	following error:
		ct_con_alloc failed at line 69.  (code snippet)

	In an attemp to catch the sybase warning (?)  for 'connection to two
endpoints failed'
	I placed the following in my callback procedure and try to catch it
with an eval on the
	new (ct_connect) command. 
		Callback routine:
		if ( $severity = 5 && $number=3 ){
         			die "Server unreachable\n";

		Repos new (server object)
Line 69		eval { local $SIG{'__DIE__'} ; $dbh = new Sybase::CTlib
$user, $PWD , $server_name, $appname } ; 
 		if ( $@ || ! defined ($dbh) ) {
      			print "a=$@\n";
      			return (0);
	 	$obj = {  _dbh => $dbh,          # Database Handle
                   		_user => $user,        # User name
               		_name => $server_name };    # Server name	
		bless $obj;
		return ($obj) (end)

		foreach (@servers){
			if ( ! $Server ){
				..... } update server down state
			else {
				Repos->close($Server)      ( which does a
CT_CLOSE on the dbh - does this work?).
			} (end)

The UNIX box has 20GB of memory so I don't this is a memory problem (per
CTLIb man). I've
looked at the CTLIb.c code, RTFM, and tried many combos of this -to no
I was under the impression that once a dbh goes out of scope that the
are released.(??)

Anyway, I would really like to get loop this to work (not just for a ping).

Does anyone have a suggestion ?

Thanks in advance,
Jim Rybacki
Sybase DBA
Ph:   904.791.2900
Fax: 904.791-2169