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From: abe dot crabtree at citicorp dot com
Subject: RE: Handling log full issues with DB-Library
Date: Sep 4 2002 8:08AM

Rather than answer the perl question, how about:

Lower thresholds that dmp the log.  Generally speaking you should have these 
(but obviously it depends.)

It sounds as if the database should have "abort tran on log full" too, unless 
this one single query is the only one that should abort when the log fills.

I hope this helps,


Abe Crabtree

-----Original Message-----
From: dsrao []
Sent: 04 September 2002 04:58
Cc: dsrao; duggineni.rao; andre.wong
Subject: Handling log full issues with DB-Library


	I have a situation where I am executing a query through DB-Lib
command in a Sybase database. If this query fills up the log to the
threshold limit, the data server suspends the execution of the query till
the space is made available in the log. But I want to catch that warning in
my script and want to cancel the connection to the database. I am actually
using the message handler in my script. So, whenever this happens, the
control goes into the message handler. I am trying to kill the connection
using dbclose/dbcancel, but It doesn't seem to work.

	Basically I want the control back to the script when this happens. 
	I am getting the "Segmentation fault(core dumped)" error when I
tried to close and reopen a connection with the same db handler inside the
message handler.

	Did anyone come across situation like this??
	Please pass on any idea that can handle this situation.


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