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From: "Scott Zetlan" <scottzetlan at aol dot com>
Subject: Bulk copies/out of space?
Date: Sep 3 2002 2:28PM

This is a little off-topic, but hopefully will be a useful thread.

I've got an application that bulk-copies data into a Sybase database.
(Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 9975 ESD 1/HP9000-879/HP-UX
11.0/1784/64bit/FBO/Sat Dec  8 11:18:54 2001)  I'm using Sybase CT-lib
(12.0/P-EBF9461/hpux/HP-UX 11.00/1/OPT/Tue Jan  9 18:14:31 2001) and the
blk_* routines.

Here's the problem -- the database ran out of space on the default segment
(data, not log), and therefore could not accept batches of records.  As a
result, data that I attempted to transfer and commit did not get saved in
the target tables.  That's perfectly normal -- what's odd is the application
didn't receive an error message.  I checked return codes from blk_rowxfer
and blk_batch, and both returned CS_SUCCEED every time.  The other
functions -- blk_init, blk_alloc, blk_drop, etc. -- also indicate success.

Anyone seen this behavior?  Is there somewhere else I should be checking for
error conditions?

I'm using in-line error handling instead of error callbacks.  The
application is multithreaded, but there's only one thread running
bulk-copies at any one time.