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From: Stephen dot Sprague at morganstanley dot com
Subject: Re: blk_init and image columns
Date: Aug 30 2002 8:39PM

sorry. last email for the weekend.  I set CS_PACKETSIZE => 9000 via
CON_PROPS and I still SEGV'ed on the blk_init.

Time to set this thing down and grab a beer.


On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 @ 4:23pm, an entity claiming to be Stephen.Sprague@morg...:

Stephe :Ahhh. Digging further I'm pretty sure this can be solved  by  increasing
Stephe :the CS_PACKETSIZE connection property. Now if only I had sa priv to bump
Stephe :the max size up from 512 on the server...
Stephe :
Stephe :Thanks,
Stephe :Steve
Stephe :
Stephe :cf,6904,954,00.html
Stephe :
Stephe :On most platforms, the packet size defaults to 512 bytes.  This  default
Stephe :is provided for backward compatibility. Larger packet sizes 2048 to 4096
Stephe :bytes, for example almost  always  yield  better  performance.  This  is
Stephe :generally true for applications that fetch rows with large columns, rows
Stephe :with lots of columns, or lots of rows with a few small  columns.  It  is
Stephe :especially true for applications that do bulk  copy  data  transfers  or
Stephe :that handle text and image data.
Stephe :
Stephe :To increase a connection's packet size, set the CS_PACKETSIZE connection
Stephe :property, via ct_con_props, prior to opening the connection.
Stephe :
Stephe :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Stephe :Note
Stephe :You may have to reconfigure  SQL  Server  to  accept  a  larger  maximum
Stephe :network packet size. See the SQL Server System Administration Guide  for
Stephe :instructions on reconfiguring the maximum network packet size.
Stephe :
Stephe :
Stephe :On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 @ 3:34pm, an entity claiming to be Stephen.Sprague@morg...:
Stephe :
Stephe :Stephe :hi folks. I'm using Michael's BLK routines to do bulk inserts. Should  I
Stephe :Stephe :be able to use blk_init on a table with an image column?
Stephe :Stephe :
Stephe :Stephe :Currently I'm getting a Signal SEGV.
Stephe :Stephe :
Stephe :Stephe :Here's the versions:
Stephe :Stephe :   Perl          v5.6
Stephe :Stephe :   Sybase::CTlib v2.14
Stephe :Stephe :   OpenClient    v12.0
Stephe :Stephe :
Stephe :Stephe :I couldn't find any doc to the contrary and I see Sybase's command  line
Stephe :Stephe :bcp references switch -T [image size] so I think it's possible. The question
Stephe :Stephe :is does the Perl API support something analogous?
Stephe :Stephe :
Stephe :Stephe :Any pointers welcome.
Stephe :Stephe :
Stephe :Stephe :Thanks,
Stephe :Stephe :Steve
Stephe :Stephe :
Stephe :Stephe :
Stephe :
Stephe :