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From: "Ronan O'Ciosoig" <ronanoc at mac dot com>
Subject: Re: make test fail - fix
Date: Aug 22 2002 4:53PM

Yep this helped all right.

path_user>printenv LANG

then put into locales.dat under Linux
locale = en_IE@euro, us_english, iso_1

unfortunately.... the "make install" for sybperl didn't actually install 
anything, so I manually installed all the files under blib into the perl 
tree by comparing with an install on another machine. Too quite a while 
but worked eventually.

is there an easier way to do this?

On Wednesday, August 21, 2002, at 07:22 PM, wrote:

> Ronan,
> Chances are, your $LANG environment variable is not in the sybase 
> language file. Do an 'env' to check your $LANG, then check 
> /opt/$SYBASE/locales/locales.dat under the [linux] section.  If your 
> $LANG is not there, add it.
> Example, in the US, the default $LANG entry for Linux is: 
> en_US.iso885915. So in the locales.dat, I had to add the following line:
> locale = en_US.iso885915, us_english, iso_1
> Once I did that, the problem with the make test failing at that point 
> cleared up.
> ~James