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From: abrown at mmm dot com
Subject: $SYBASE not recognized
Date: Jul 23 2002 2:52PM

I'm not sure if this is better suited for the perl mailing list or the
Sybperl mailing list, but here goes:

I have Sybperl 2.14 installed on Linux.  I am writing a cgi script to
gather stats from various Sybase servers.  Since I cannot guarantee what
environment variables the web server will have set (nearly none, I assume)
I am trying to explicitly set $SYBASE in the .cgi script, something like


$ENV{"SYBASE_ASE"}="/ASE-12_5";  # Don't think this is necessary, but tried
it anyhow...
$SYBASE=$ENV{"SYBASE"};       # Don't think this is necessary, either...
$SYBASE_OCS=$ENV{"SYBASE_OCS"};       # same here

use Sybase::CTlib;

... etc etc etc ...

However, I still get the following error, as if $SYBASE is not set ($SYBASE
should be set to /opt/sybase):

--- begin error ---
The context allocation routine failed when it tried to load localization
One or more following problems may caused the failure

Your sybase home directory is /home/sybase. Check the environment variable
SYBASE if it is not the one you want!
Cannot access file /home/sybase/config/objectid.dat
Sybase::CTlib initialize: cs_ctx_alloc() failed at
/usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/i386-linux/ line 225.
Compilation failed in require at ./testme.cgi line 10.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./testme.cgi line 10.
--- end error ---

If I set $SYBASE in bash before executing the script, it runs fine, but
that doesn't help me from a web server perspective.  Any ideas?