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From: David J Iannucci <dji at myriad dot com>
Subject: set forceplan on/off
Date: Jul 16 2002 5:10PM

OK, this is a Sybase question that doesn't have to do
with Sybperl in particular, but please forgive me:

Does anyone know how to embed the function of the
directive "set forceplan on/off" into a query?  I.e.
to encode the table scanning order into the query
syntax (thus making it possible to define the order
for a join view without affecting the query calling the
view) rather than having to specify "set forceplan
on" before the query and "off" afterward?

I've looked at the docs for ASE 11.5 (which we're
running) and 12.5 (which we're thinking of upgrading
to), and it doesn't seem to be possible.  But I didn't
want to give up that easily.  If there's an undocumented
trick for doing this, someone on this list is bound to
know it :-)

Thanks a lot,

Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah