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From: "Scott Zetlan" <scottzetlan at aol dot com>
Subject: RE: problems with Sybase::BLK?
Date: Jun 17 2002 8:27PM

You'll probably need to escape the pipe.  Try:
SEPARATOR => '\|',

instead.  Sybase::BLK uses full regular expression matching for separators,
so it's interpreting your '|' character as a regular expression would:

@fields =~ split /|/, $line;

would yield one field for each character -- not what you want.

  -----Original Message-----
[]On Behalf Of Dennis Domingo
  Sent: Monday, June 17, 2002 4:15 PM
  To: SybPerl Discussion List
  Subject: Re: problems with Sybase::BLK?

  Hi Michael:

  I've tried your suggestion as well removing 'RECORD_SEPARATOR for the

  Now I get the same error for each line in my file each describing the line
number in the bcp input file. 06172002-1308 - More columns passed to blk_rowxfer() than
were all
  ocated with blk_init() at
  olaris-thread/Sybase/ line 539,  line 5

  thanx for your help.

  I'm not sure what to do,  I suppose I can use the perl function call
'system' and run Sybase's BCP from the command line from my program


    Michael Peppler  wrote:

    On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 10:23, Dennis Domingo wrote:
    > I get these errors when using Sybase::BLK

    > 06172002-0942 - More columns passed to
    > blk_rowxfer() than were allocated with blk_init() at
    > /usr/local/depot/perl-5.6.0/lib/site_perl/5.6.0/sun4-solar

    > 41 $bcp->config(INPUT => $bcp1File,
    > 42 OUTPUT =>
    > $ProcessTMConf::TMBCPTABLE,
    > 43 SEPARATOR => '|',
    > 44 RECORD_SEPARATOR => '\n'

    Try using "\n" for the record separator instead of '\n'.

    Remember that \n isn't interpolated in a single quoted string.

    Michael Peppler / / / ZetaTools, Inc /
    ZetaTools: Call perl functions as Sybase stored procedures!
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