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From: Martin Rieder <Martin dot Rieder at morganstanley dot com>
Subject: Re: Inserts & nulls using sybperl
Date: Jun 7 2002 4:06PM


I am not sure if this also applies to inserts, but I experienced a similar problem using the bulk copy routines, only my problem was setting numeric values to NULL.  Try explicitly setting the values that should be NULL to undef in @dat1.

Hope this helps,

"Jeffries, Jim J" wrote:

> I am trying to do a table conversion using Sybperl's ctlib functions. The source table has fields that are NULL that must be moved to the new table. I can successfully read the source table. The elements of the array returned from the select clause have a length of 0 for the null fields (as I would expect).
> When I try to do the insert into the new table, I am unable to get these fields to be NULL. My guess is that I am either doing the insert incorrectly or a parameter of some sort needs to be set. I even tried to do the insert without the variable and still do not get a null value in the database.
> Code snippet from SELECT
>  while ($dbh1->ct_results($restype) == CS_SUCCEED) {
>      next if(! $dbh1->ct_fetchable($restype));
>      while (@dat1 = $dbh1->ct_fetch) {
>        print "Database Fields: $dat1[0]\t   $dat1[1]\t   $dat1[2]  $dat[22] \n";
>         $xx = length($dat1[1]);
>         print "$xx \n";
>         &write_table;
>  }
> Code snippet from Insert ($dat1[1] can be NULL)
>  $dbh2->ct_execute("insert t_7474_ipcfimw1_pg  (chap_num, sect_num, unit_num, figure_num,pg_prfx, pg_num, pg
> _sufx,supp_num,supp_pg_num,pg_src,pg_type_name,strt_pn,end_pn,strt_ref,end_ref,o_hostid,o_typeid,o_objid, o_rev
> id,o_rowid, del_flag,del_usr,fig_item) values(\"$dat1[0]\",\"$dat1[1]\",\"$dat1[2]\",\"$dat1[3]\",\"$dat1[4]\",
> $dat1[5],\"$dat1[6]\",$dat1[8],$dat1[9],\"$dat1[11]\",\"$dat1[10]\",\"$dat1[12]\",\"$dat1[13]\",\"$dat1[14]\",\
> "$dat1[15]\",$dat1[16],\"$dat1[17]\",$dat1[18],$dat1[19],\"$dat1[20]\",\"$dat1[21]\",\"$dat1[22]\",\"$dat1[7]\"
> )");
> Code snippet from Insert ($dat1[1] changed to "")
>    $dbh2->ct_execute("insert t_7474_ipcfimw1_pg  (chap_num, sect_num, unit_num, figure_num,pg_prfx, pg_num, pg_
> sufx,supp_num,supp_pg_num,pg_src,pg_type_name,strt_pn,end_pn,strt_ref,end_ref,o_hostid,o_typeid,o_objid, o_revi
> d,o_rowid, del_flag,del_usr,fig_item) values(\"$dat1[0]\",\"\",\"$dat1[2]\",\"$dat1[3]\",\"$dat1[4]\",$dat1[5],
> \"$dat1[6]\",$dat1[8],$dat1[9],\"$dat1[11]\",\"$dat1[10]\",\"$dat1[12]\",\"$dat1[13]\",\"$dat1[14]\",\"$dat1[15
> ]\",$dat1[16],\"$dat1[17]\",$dat1[18],$dat1[19],\"$dat1[20]\",\"$dat1[21]\",\"$dat1[22]\",\"$dat1[7]\")");
> Thanks for your help.
> Jim