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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: RE: forcing a deadlock
Date: May 17 2002 3:02PM

On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 07:53, Lee Wenzler wrote:
> Whoops ... I thought I had stress tested it, but I did actually have
> some dropped transactions. I'm not doing any sort of retry in my code,
> but relying on the Sybase::Simple module to retry the batch.
> Is that not the correct way to use it? 
> What happens when the deadlocks occur, is the 1205 message comes up and
> the script continues on, but it always drops the transaction it was on.
> I changed the script to do inserts on two different test tables within
> the begin and end transactions in botht the isql session and the perl
> script.

What calls do you use in the Sybase::Simple script?

IIRC DeadlockRetry works only for ExecSql().


> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> [] On Behalf Of Michael Peppler
> Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 10:19 AM
> To: SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject: RE: forcing a deadlock
> On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 07:05, Lee Wenzler wrote:
> > Thanks Abe, I tried your while loop suggestion and it gave me a ton of
> > deadlocks. I'm using the Sybase::Simple module and wanted to see how
> > well the $dbh->config(DeadlockRetry => 1) worked. I let about a
> hundred
> > deadlocks occur and the perl script never missed a transaction.
> Cool.
> I knew the basic code was correct, but I hadn't actually stress tested
> it.
> Thanks.
> Michael
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