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From: "Gilmore-Baldwin, John" <jBaldwin at desmoine dot gannett dot com>
Subject: RE: Using Sybperl to access MS-SQL from Solaris w/o Sybase
Date: May 13 2002 8:39PM

You're right that a Sybase install is somewhat expected.

You can download the freetds libraries and get most functionality. Plus, the freetds libraries are built with MS-SQL access in mind. Then you can install DBD::Sybase and you should be up and running (with some setup, of course).

Check out 

Good luck,

> ----------
> From: 	Mark McWiggins
> Reply To:
> Sent: 	Monday, May 13, 2002 3:14 PM
> To: 	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject: 	Using Sybperl to access MS-SQL from Solaris w/o Sybase
> [Sorry for the duplicate; I forgot a subject line last time.] 
> Hi, 
> I need to run a Perl script on Solaris to access a SQL Server
> installation on Win2K, but the Solaris box doesn't have
> Sybase installed. 
> Is there a way to install SybPerl or Sybase::DBD without
> Sybase installed at all? I may have misunderstood, but
> from reading the READMEs it looked as if they were always
> expecting a Sybase to be there. 
> Thanks much for any guidance you can offer on this. 
> Mark McWiggins