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From: Graham1 dot SIMPSON at hsbcib dot com
Subject: Re: ct_init error for Sybperl CTLib on ASE 12.5 OCS
Date: Apr 18 2002 8:29AM

Subject:  Re: ct_init error for Sybperl CTLib on ASE 12.5 OCS   (Document link:
Graham1 SIMPSON)

Hello again,

Okay dokay. I really don't want to have multiple versions of Sybperl compiled
against different OClients. To try to keep things simple, I have currently
compiled sybperl against 12.0 EBF 10109. It's packaged in an OS package and
dependencies set to also install the OC_1200-10109 package. i.e. every machine
will have OC1200-10109 installed when sybperl is installed.

The downside is that all applications will have to set their environment to be
OC12-10109 but the upside is one sybperl, one OC.

Last question, then I'll stop bugging you all. It seems a smart idea before
rollout to use OC12.5 instead of OC12. Can anyone recommend an EBF level for use
with sybperl or would I be more wise to stay with OC12-10109? Thoughts....

Thanks to everyone who supplied help with my problems.

Graham Simpson.

Michael Peppler  on 17 Apr 2002 19:40

To:   SybPerl Discussion List 
cc:     (bcc: Graham1 SIMPSON/IBEU/HSBC)
Subject:  Re: ct_init error for Sybperl CTLib on ASE 12.5 OCS

On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 11:26, wrote:
> Hmm. Which means that if you really want multiple versions on a box (for
> purposes, let's say) you better not take the defaults at installation and make
> sure you put different versions in different directories. This way, you can
> create the same-named non-numbered softlinks to the numbered libs in each
> directory, build sybperl (and DBD or that matter) using the links against the
> earliest version and swap versions with a $SYBASE redefinition.
> Of course, if the libraries are turn out to be incompatable from release to
> release, you will be forced to rebuild one instanance of Sybperl/DBD for each
> incompatable release. Each instance will have reside in its own directory tree
> (/opt/sybase/12.0/lib/perl5/, /opt/sybase/12.5/lib/perl5/...) and you will
> to muck with PERl5LIB before you call your code OR @INC inside your program.
> Here's hoping that the libraries are compatable...

That will mostly work.

However, you *must* *build* against a 12.5 OC to get the latest
functionality (wide varchars, etc), and a binary built that way will
*not* work with the 12.0 or 11.x libraries.

Michael Peppler                              Data Migrations, Inc.           *or*
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