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From: abe dot crabtree at citicorp dot com
Subject: RE: ct_init error for Sybperl CTLib on ASE 12.5 OCS
Date: Apr 17 2002 9:12AM

Is this still true? If so, when building a sybperl package, do we have to ensure
 that the same version of open client is on there at the same location as
compile time????

I think it is.  This looks like HP-UX (but I'm not sure it matters.)  If you 
look at (wherever it is configured to run from,) with chatr, you will 
be able to see that it is requiring a particular version of Open Client:

chatr /apps/CEDEV/CEDEV_SOURCE/library/PA-RISC1.1/auto/Sybase/CTlib/

         shared library
         shared library dynamic path search:
             SHLIB_PATH     disabled  second
             embedded path  disabled  first  Not Defined
         shared library list:
             dynamic   /opt/sybase/open1004_8069/lib/
             dynamic   /opt/sybase/open1004_8069/lib/
             dynamic   /opt/sybase/open1004_8069/lib/
             dynamic   /opt/sybase/open1004_8069/lib/
             dynamic   /opt/sybase/open1004_8069/lib/
             dynamic   /opt/sybase/open1004_8069/lib/
             dynamic   /usr/lib/libM.1
         shared vtable support disabled
         static branch prediction disabled
         executable from stack: D (default)
         kernel assisted branch prediction enabled
         lazy swap allocation disabled
         text segment locking disabled
         data segment locking disabled
         third quadrant private data space disabled
         fourth quadrant private data space disabled
         data page size: D (default)
         instruction page size: D (default)

You can if you like change the attributes on using chatr, so that 
SHLIB_PATH will be searched if those Open Client paths are no longer present.  
However that version has to be installed somewhere (it sounds as if it might 
now be absent on your installation.)

Otherwise you must rebuild for your new version of OPen Client (it 
sounds as if you've recently migrated.)  That might well provoke you into 
rebuilding perl too, if the runtime libraries used for the extensions differ 
from those used for perl itself.

I hope this helps,


Abe Crabtree

-----Original Message-----
From: Graham1.SIMPSON []
Sent: 17 April 2002 09:47
Subject: ct_init error for Sybperl CTLib on ASE 12.5 OCS

Hi Folks,

We're getting the following from a script:

Open Client Message:
Message number: LAYER = (5) ORIGIN = (3) SEVERITY = (5) NUMBER = (131)
Message String: ct_init(): network packet layer: internal net library error:
Attempt to load protocol driver failed
Sybase::CTlib initialize: ct_init() failed at
/opt/perl5/lib/5.6.1/PA-RISC2.0/ line 225.

...when running Sybperl CTlib against an ASE 12.5 SWR 9614 open client

We normally get this error when the environment ($SYBASE, $SYBASE_OCS, etc.) is
not set correctly. However, on this occassion all looks good.

If I run the script against open client 12.x SWR 9461 (this is where sybperl was
 compiled against) - all is good.

Doing a sum of the lib directories in each open client area produces different
checksums, in fact most of the files are different (understandably).

>From the FAQ:

"2.4 I've moved the Sybase libraries, and Sybperl won't run...

The sybperl make process hard-codes the path to the Sybase shared
libraries ( and friends) into the binaries (either the
dynamically loadable modules, or the Perl executable). This is done so
that Perl can find the libraries it needs even if the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
environment variable which is normally used to specify special library
directories is not set "

Is this still true? If so, when building a sybperl package, do we have to ensure
 that the same version of open client is on there at the same location as
compile time????

Thanks for any help you can give,

Graham Simpson


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