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From: Monty Charlton <mcharlton at dtint dot com>
Subject: Re: Sybase TechWave 2002 (Aug 5-9 2002, San Diego)
Date: Apr 16 2002 4:50PM

Sure wish I could go...  Whatever it is I'm buying it.  :)

Although, MY next project is to use Sybase and Perl to mail a copy of every 
row in every table in my database to Tanja Davidson before she gets back from 
her XML class.


On Tuesday 16 April 2002 10:36 am, Michael Peppler wrote:
> FYI - I'll be presenting a paper on building an infrastructure for
> Web-based applications using Sybase, Apache, perl and mod-perl at
> TechWave 2002 (Aug 5-9, San Diego).
> I'll also be on hand for any other questions, discussions, whatever that
> you may have (if you go :-)
> I'm also working on a new product involving Sybase and perl (won't be
> freeware this time, I'm afraid :-) which I hope to launch sometime in
> the next couple of months, and which I'll be demonstrating at TechWave.
> Michael

Monty Charlton
Digital Technology International