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From: glen at socrates dot Berkeley dot EDU
Subject: Win32 compile
Date: Apr 7 2002 1:29AM

Can anyone provide some tips for making Makefile.PL compatible with
Windows?  or point me to a useful thread in the sybperl-l archives?

I am trying to compile sybperl with VC 6.0, perl 5.6.1, and Sybase
OpenClient/C 12.5. There are (so far) 3 problems:

1) "The System cannot find the path specified."
   This is apparently because ";" is not being interpreted as a
   command separator in compound command expressions.

2) When I replace ";" with "&", which is understood as a command
   separator, then I get: "The syntax of the command is incorrect."

3) I don't think this problem has to do with anything important(???),
   so, I go ahead an run nmake, and get a several screens full of
   incompatible type warnings, and then 8 link time fatal errors for
   unresolved library symbols. This is during the CTlib phase.  BCP,
   BLK, DBLIB and Sybperl modules compile and test OK. 

   If I knew where the compiler was supposed to find _blk_init@16,
   for example, maybe I could figure out how to fix my environment.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Glen Jackson
Museum Informatics Project