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From: "Vickers, Alex" <Alex dot Vickers at nbnz dot co dot nz>
Subject: RE: ct_close?
Date: Apr 4 2002 3:33AM

Thanks David, that seems to work fine.

Alex Vickers (Database Administration)
phone: +644 8022475 or x(24)7475

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	David Owen []
> Sent:	4 April 2002 14:48
> To:	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject:	Re: ct_close?
> >>>>> "Alex" == Vickers, Alex  writes:
>   Alex> Hello, Unless I'm mistaken there doesn't appear to be support in
>   Alex> the sybperl CTlib for ct_close(). I notice there is a ct_close in
>   Alex> the Open Client Client Library C/Reference Manual
>   Alex>
> (
> Bo
>   Alex> okTextView/28931;pt=24598/*#X). For most purposes we can just let
>   Alex> the connection close when it goes out of scope (e.g. when the perl
>   Alex> script exits) but for more complicated scripts it could be useful.
>   Alex> Is there going to be a ct_close() to match the dbclose() of DBlib?
>   Alex> If not, how can I explicitly close CT connections nicely?
> When you destroy the file handle, the connection is closed.  So, undef'ing
> $dbh, if $dbh contained the original file handle, does the trick.
> dowen
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