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From: Stephen dot Sprague at morganstanley dot com
Subject: Re: dbd and ctlib (fwd)
Date: Apr 1 2002 1:51PM

thanks, Michael. This does indeed clear my screen of these warnings.


On Thu, 28 Mar 2002 @ 2:09pm, an entity claiming to be Michael Peppler...:

mpeppl :Michael Peppler writes:
mpeppl : > writes:
mpeppl : >  > just  wondering.  I'm  using  DBI  (v1.20)   DBD::Sybase   (v0.94)   and
mpeppl : >  > Sybase::CTlib (v2.14)  and  getting  the  following  annoying  prototype
mpeppl : >  > mismatches.
mpeppl : >  >
mpeppl : >  > Michael, must we live with this?
mpeppl : >
mpeppl : >  > Prototype mismatch: sub main::CS_COMPUTE_RESULT () vs none at /ms/dist/perl5/PROJ/core/5.00503-3/exec/lib/perl5/ line 157
mpeppl : >  >         Exporter::export('Sybase::CTlib', 'main') called at /ms/dist/perl5/PROJ/core/5.00503-3/exec/lib/perl5/ line 182
mpeppl : >
mpeppl : > Rats.
mpeppl : >
mpeppl : > This comes from:
mpeppl : >
mpeppl : > DBD::Sybase using ALIAS: to define these symbols, and Sybase::CTlib
mpeppl : > using the traditional way to do this.
mpeppl :
mpeppl :Actually - you can get around the problem, and still get the exact
mpeppl :same functionality, by simply not use'ing the DBD::Sybase module.
mpeppl :
mpeppl :By using the Sybase::CTlib module you'll get the CS_xxx_RESULT symbols
mpeppl :defined, and that's the only thing that use DBD::Sybase will bring
mpeppl :you.
mpeppl :
mpeppl :(maybe not exactly what you want to hear, but a good work-around for
mpeppl :now).
mpeppl :
mpeppl :Michael
mpeppl :