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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Perl Error
Date: Mar 26 2002 9:16PM

Sabherwal, Balvinder (MBS) writes:
 > Guru's
 > I am getting error as below when I try to execute the perl script on my
 > Solaris host. I am using AvtiveState Perl 5.6 with solaris 5.8. The perl was
 > tared up from one of our host where I re-complied it with sybperl. Do I need
 > to do a pkgadd and again re-compile the sybperl or is there any other way
 > around to fix this problem??
 > njsundb6old/tmp $
 > The context allocation routine failed.
 > The following problem caused the failure:
 > Invalid context version.

You're trying to run a copy sybperl that was compiled for a more
recent version of OpenClient than the one that is installed on your

When Sybase::CTlib gets loaded it calls cs_ctx_alloc() with the
highest "version" value that it can find (so that new features in OC
12.0 and 12.5 can be enabled). In your case you have a sybperl binary
that was built for 12.0 or 12.5 but an OpenClient library that is
older (11.x, or 12.0).

You need to either rebuild sybperl on this box, or upgrade OpenClient.

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