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From: abe dot crabtree at citicorp dot com
Subject: RE: Sybase 12.5 on Solaris
Date: Mar 14 2002 9:06AM

Mike -

I don't know Solaris, but I think the problem is probably not Solaris specific.

The Server and Client are completely separate.  Sybase blurbs state which old 
clients you can run against which newer Servers and vice versa, and when older 
ones are no longer supported.

As far as I can tell, you had server 12.0 and client 12.0, and want to move 
both to 12.5.  I think probably isn't present in the newer client.

Therefore I think the answer to your question will be "yes" - rebuild.

If the above is correct (and probably even if not,) an alternative is simply to 
persist with Open Client v12.0.  Is there any specific reason to upgrade the 
client?  v12.0 client will be supported for a long time.  If I were you I'd 
stick with the client you have.

You don't have to switch to 64 bit client software just because the server 
changes to 64 bit incidentally.  We have Sybase 64 bit server on HP-UX, but all 
our client software (C apps, perl + sybperl, isql) are 32 bits (and are better 
as 32 bits - smaller and quicker.)

I hope this helps.



-----Original Message-----
From: mikeb []
Sent: 13 March 2002 20:02
Cc: mikeb
Subject: Sybase 12.5 on Solaris

Have a quick, and hopefully painless question.  I currently have
sybperl and DBD::Sybase installed on Solaris 8 with (64bit) Sybase
12.0.  I am in the process of testing against Sybase 12.5 (at this
time, someone ordered the incorrect version, and I have 32bit, but
expecting 64bit by end of this week), and trying to use my existing
sybperl and DBD::Sybase packages.  I discovered that both modules
fail to load, complaining about either or (sybperl
and DBD).  After doing an ldd on both of these modules, they show that
I am missing for both of them, and in fact, there is no installed on my Syb12.5 system.  

Will I just need to rebuild my Sybperl and DBD::Sybase software
against the new Sybase 12.5 open client, or is there another issue
that I am finding?  I took a look on even a Sybase 4.9.2 server, and
libtli was there, so I don't think I am running into an issue with
32bit vs. 64 bit.  

Any help/info is greatly appreciated.

Michael Burstin
NPI Engineer
Concerto Software *
*Davox & Cellit Corporations are now doing business as Concerto Software