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From: "Scott Zetlan" <scottzetlan at aol dot com>
Subject: RE: Sybase 12.5 on Solaris
Date: Mar 14 2002 2:40PM

> From:
> []On Behalf Of Michael Burstin

> I probalby should have mentioned before that this Sybperl/DBD::Sybase
> was being installed on the dbserver itself, and not just on a client
> machine.  The perl scripts are used to build the actual systems
> (databases, devices, etc) -- these are systems which get installed at
> customer sites, nothing that stays in-house.

As a previous poster mentioned, Sybase OpenClient and Sybase Server software
both get installed in separate directories (different subdirs in the Sybase
directory tree).  Thus, you can have multiple versions of OpenClient coexist
with multiple versions of Sybase ASE.  Additionally, an upgrade shouldn't
replace your previous versions of ASE or OCS; instead, it should just add
the new directories and modify environment variables (i.e., $SYBASE and
$SYBASE_OCS) as appropriate.

So I'd leave the OCS 12.0 software in place and add the 12.5 client
libraries; that'll give you time to figure out the build procedures while
your legacy scripts still work properly.  Just remember that your $SYBASE
and $SYBASE_OCS variables will control which version of the
libraries/binaries you use.