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From: "Joel Saunier" <Joel dot SAUNIER at agriculture dot gouv dot fr>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase errors
Date: Mar 18 2002 9:04AM

Michael Peppler writes :
> ...

Dear Micheal,

thanks for your help, and of course for your works on Sybperl...

I tried to understand the difference between this AIX build and what
you send to me, and found finally this:

AIX doc on ld says that the linker use the LIBPATH env var (instead
of LD_RUN_PATH defined in the Makefile) to set at link time the lib
path in the header section of the shared library (Am I clear ?).
At run time, the loader use this path if the LIBPATH env var is not
defined (which is the normal case for me).

I change the LD_RUN_PATH name by LIBPATH in the Makefile and rebuild
DBD::Sybase from scratch, and everything's fine ! (except the password
I use, but I know who to blame :-)). I rebuild one more time DBD::Sybase
from scratch without changing the LD_RUN_PATH, but by setting in the
environment a good LIBPATH, and everything works.

Unfortunatly, I don't have a good 'programmer's environment' on my AIX
boxes here (we are only 'end-users', not developpers) especially docs,
so I can't really check if the problem is LD_RUN_PATH .vs. LIBPATH, but
it looks like.

> The comp.lang.perl newsgroup has been dead for quite a while. Use
> comp.lang.perl.modules, or comp.databases.sybase instead.

I note this. This newsgroup has a lot of traffic, but IMHO is not very usefull.

> ... If so, please run ldd blib/arch/auto/DBD/Sybase/
> This should list the libraries that are linked to the .so file.
> ...

AIX doesn't have one by default, but there is one for free in the Bull
Archives. But this ldd is build to work with executables and not really
with shared libraries. At least, I noticed with it real differences between
what you send and what I saw, and this gave me hints about the lib path.

Thanks again.

JoŽl Saunier