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From: "Lin, Arthur" <arthur at lehman dot com>
Subject: RE: Sybase BCP
Date: Mar 4 2002 8:37PM


Does system() inherit exactly same environment ?

Arthur Lin

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Peppler []
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 3:34 PM
To: SybPerl Discussion List
Subject: RE: Sybase BCP writes:
 > Is there any particular reason not to use system( )?  I'm not an expert,
 > I'm curious.

If you use system() you loose the output from the bcp
command. Depending one the situation this may not be a problem,


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 >                     rg>                        cc:
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 >                     owner-SYBPERL-L@lis
 >                     02/28/02 10:37 AM
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 >                     SYBPERL-L
 > Scott Zetlan writes:
 >  > Michael Peppler writes:
 >  > > Scott Zetlan writes:
 >  > >  > If you don't need to do any of that, just call the Sybase
 >  > > utility -- but
 >  > >  > don't use system(); open a pipe instead:
 >  > >  > open (BCP, "bcp... |");
 >  > >
 >  > > Or you can use backticks:
 >  > >
 >  > > my $bcp_output = `bcp ....`;
 >  > >
 >  >
 >  > But then you have to wait for the process to complete before you can
 > examine
 >  > its output.  Opening a pipe from it allows you to report on the
 > of
 >  > the bulk-copy as it's in progress.
 > Correct, although I suspect that bcp will buffer its output when
 > writing to a pipe, in which case you'll have to wait until 1k has been
 > written to the output before getting any data.
 >  > Of course, there's more than one way to do it :)  Use whatever works
 > your
 >  > situation.
 > Indeed.
 > Michael
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