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From: Stephen dot Sprague at MorganStanley dot com
Subject: Re: blk_drop
Date: Mar 4 2002 9:10PM

Okay. Sounds good. For now, i'm just letting letting $dbh go out of scope.


On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 @ 12:52pm, an entity claiming to be Michael Peppler...:

mpeppl writes:
mpeppl : > Getting the error below on blk_drop. The obvious must  be  avoiding  me.
mpeppl : > What am I doing wrong? I'm using 2.14 of Sybase::CTlib
mpeppl : >
mpeppl : > code:
mpeppl : >   use Sybase::CTlib;
mpeppl : >   my ( $u, $p, $s, $a ) = qw/user pwd server app/;
mpeppl : >   $dbh = Sybase::CTlib->new( $u, $p, $s, $a . '_T', { CON_PROPS => { CS_BULK_LOGIN => CS_TRUE } } );
mpeppl : >   $dbh->blk_init( 'db..table', 1, undef, undef );
mpeppl : >   $dbh->blk_drop();
mpeppl : >
mpeppl : > error:
mpeppl : >   Open Client Message:
mpeppl : >   Message number: LAYER = (0) ORIGIN = (0) SEVERITY = (0) NUMBER = (0)
mpeppl : >   Message String: STATE EVENT: blk layer: user error: Cannot call API blkdrop() from this state: initialized
mpeppl : >
mpeppl :
mpeppl :That may be a bug in the sybperl code... The C API says that you call
mpeppl :blk_drop() to free the BLK descriptor. However I took a couple of
mpeppl :shortcuts, and I suspect that in the code above there is no BLK
mpeppl :descriptor that can be dropped.
mpeppl :
mpeppl :There may also be some other state issues that aren't handled quite
mpeppl :right here because of the shortcuts...
mpeppl :
mpeppl :I'll try to look at the code later and see if I can see what is
mpeppl :missing from the internal sybperl code that causes the error.
mpeppl :
mpeppl :Michael
mpeppl :