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From: jmcallister at dtint dot com
Subject: building sybperl on 12.0 but deploying on 12.5 too.
Date: Dec 2 2002 10:02PM

Hi Michael (and other Sybperl gurus),

I'm building sybperl 2.15 on Solaris 8. The Sybase version on the build 
server  is 12.0, however, the modules may be deployed on systems with ASE 
12.5 or 12.0. I'm trying to avoid having to make symlinks (OCS-12_0 ---> 
OCS-12_5) to fake out sybperl when it's on an ASE 12.5 server.

What's more, I also want the Sybase::CTlib module to magically figure out 
where Sybase is installed when it is loaded in a "terse" environment, say 
from cron or init. When I say "magic", I really just want it to use the 
environment variables if defined, next try the sybase user home account, 
and finally try some reasonable default (/usr/local/sybase). I've built it 
with EMBED_SYBASE=1 and EMBED_SYBASE_USE_HOME=1, but it seems to only 
check the sybase home account during the config phase, not dynamically 
after deployment.

As far as the library files goes I want it to adapt to whatever is 
installed (lib, OCS-12_0, OCS-12_5, OCS-*). I can live with making a 
symlink ~sybase/lib ---> ~sybase/OCS-12_x/lib, but would rather not have 
to fake a version that's not installed.

Do I need to do something like rewrite the BEGIN block in the *.pm 
scripts? If I can achieve my goals without tweaking generic sybperl files 
I'd be overjoyed.

Thanks in advance,

James McAllister
Digital Technology, Int'l

p.s. Thanks for a great product.