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From: abe dot crabtree at citicorp dot com
Subject: RE: Justification
Date: Jan 28 2002 9:21AM

I don't have a full answer at all, but the following logic is happening for us, 
and may well apply to you:

Our existing build is 5.004_04.
The sybperl extension was built with Open Client 10.0.3.x (of course you have 
DBD, but a similar argument probably applies - I can't say.)
Open Client 10.0.3.x is out of support - I think it finished last December.  
The same applies to 11.1.1 - you must use 12.0.
If you rebuild Sybase DBD, you should use Open Client 12.0.
You may well find that as a consequence you have to rebuild perl.  I don't know 
what platform you are on, but this happened to me on HP-UX.
If you rebuild perl you really should use the latest stable - 5.6.1.

Of course this isn't the overwhelming argument you are after.  Even if it 
doesn't win you your argument, this is something you do need to investigate - 
all your DB clients should be going over to 12.0, and that includes perl 
scripts and programs.  Open Client is fairly invisible with perl, but you still 
have to be careful.

You can soldier on with 5.004 and it will work against the new server, but it 
seems to me it's a bit of a hostage to fortune.

To my knowledge 5.6.1 does not require any changes to existing perl code, 
though it has some functionality improvements (we haven't moved yet, so I 
haven't got details let alone practical experience of any necessary change 
however, though I think there should be none.)


Abe Crabtree

-----Original Message-----
From: Matthew.Persico []
Sent: 25 January 2002 21:46
Subject: Justification

I really want to move from perl 5.004_04 to 5.6.1. I can give the usual "better,
faster, stronger" arguments, and I can say that many of the XML classes don't
function well under 5.004_04. However, a third bullet, so to speak, would really
help. I'm hoping it's Sybase.

We are planning to upgrade from Sybase 11.5 to Sybase 12.0. What is the earliest
version of DBD::Sybase that will fully support (no bugs, caveats, gotchas,
work-arounds) that supports 12.0?  (5.6.1, 5.6.1 PLEASE SAY 5.6.1....) :-)

Matthew Persico
Vice President
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020, USA
Phone Number: 212 632 8255
Fax Number: 212 332 5904