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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: logging with Text/Image fields
Date: Jan 24 2002 10:10PM

Monty Charlton writes:
 > It appears that using dbpreptext() and dbwritetext() allow you to turn 
 > logging on and off.  I heard from someone that turning logging on can 
 > increase performance when selecting and inserting text & image fields.  This, 
 > personally, sounds counter intuitive, but I figured it's worth trying.

I sincerly doubt that having logging turned on will speed up
inserts/updates. Logging has no effect for selecting the data, of course.

 > I'm using ct_get_data() and ct_send_data() for my image & text work.  Is it 
 > possible to turn logging on with either of these?

See the man page:

       $ret = $dbh->ct_data_info($action, $colnum [, \%attr [,
               When $action is CS_GET ct_data_info() retrieves a
               CS_IODESC struct for column $colnum. The CS_IODESC
               struct is stored internally in the $dbh, and
               stores the text pointer, the total length and
               whether logging should be turned on for updates.

               The %attr hash can be used to set the total_txtlen
               and log_on_update fields of the CS_IODESC by set-
               ting the corresponding fields in the %attr param:

                       %attr = ( total_txtlen => 1024, log_on_update => 1 );
                       $dbh->ct_data_info(CS_SET, $colnum, \%attr);

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