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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Sybase-Simple vs DBD::Sybase
Date: Sep 13 2001 3:33PM

Heinz Ringlhofer writes:
 > Now we want to move these techniques also out to our end-users.
 > Most of them are using a mixture of csh/isql scripts for automated
 > routine tasks right now.
 > As perl seems a much better choice, and pure Sybperl programming
 > might be too nuch to ask, we have 2 choices, either Sybase_Simple
 > or DBD.
 > I know DBD is more DB independent, but thats not one of our main priorities,
 > the main priority is getting better and more standardized "production" code.

It's a somewhat difficult choice, as both will provide the necessary
Using Sybase::Simple has the advantage of letting you use the
Sybase::CTlib API on the same handle if you want/need to.
DBD::Sybase uses the standardized DBI API, which may be easier for
people to understand (and there is a book available).

Personally I'd use Sybase::Simple, because it has APIs to fetch
certain types of data structures with single calls, and so it is even
easier to use than DBI - the user only has to know whether they need
to fetch single rows, or single values, or lists of rows, etc.

Only my opinion, of course :-)

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