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From: "Lee, William (TIS, EAS)" <WYLee at exchange dot ml dot com>
Subject: RE: anyway to access MS SQL 7 with sybperl
Date: Sep 5 2001 12:50PM

THanks Michael,

I will give it a try.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Michael Peppler []
> Sent:	Friday, August 31, 2001 12:49 PM
> To:	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject:	Re: anyway to access MS SQL 7 with sybperl
> Lee, William (TIS, EAS) writes:
>  > Group,
>  > 	I remember someone asked this question before  but I never pay attention to it until now.  We have a MS SQL 7 runnnig on NT have to be accessed/replicated globally (too bad they did not choose
>  > sybase).
>  > 	
>  > 	Is there anyway to access a MS SQL7 with sybperl ?  I know there was problem since MS changed  some stuff so Sybase DB Lib no longer with with MS SQL 7,    if I can access it with sybperl/UNIX
>  > then I can use all UNIX tools such as cron .... etc to work with it.
> Sybase's DBlibrary will work with MS-SQL 7 (but maybe not 2000), as
> long as you don't call dbsetversion() with DBVERSION_100 (or higher).
> For sybperl, you can specify -DMSSQL in the CONFIG file, and build
> Sybase::DBlib with this feature turned off.
> You can also use the FreeTDS libraries (
> Michael
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