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From: David Owen <dowen at midsomer dot org>
Subject: Re: anyway to access MS SQL 7 with sybperl
Date: Aug 31 2001 9:39PM

>>>>> "William" == TIS, EAS  writes:

    William> Group, I remember someone asked this question before but I
    William> never pay attention to it until now.  We have a MS SQL 7
    William> runnnig on NT have to be accessed/replicated globally (too bad
    William> they did not choose sybase).
    William> 	Is there anyway to access a MS SQL7 with sybperl ?  I know
    William> there was problem since MS changed some stuff so Sybase DB Lib
    William> no longer with with MS SQL 7, if I can access it with
    William> sybperl/UNIX then I can use all UNIX tools such as cron
    William> .... etc to work with it.

I think that there are a couple of things that you can do.  First off is to
try the latest patch of SQL Server 7.  The early releases definitely did
have a bug, but service pack 2 or 3 fixed that and you could connect with
Sybase DBlib.

The other option is to try freetds, which, as the name suggests, is a free
implementation of the TDS protocol.  I believe that it works.

You can always search this list, the archives are available, I even think
that the FAQ has a pointer to them. :-)

David Owen     Midsomer Consultants Inc.
Maintainer of the Sybase FAQ: