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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Sybase::DBLib EOL? and
Date: Aug 25 2001 4:07PM

David Owen writes:
 > >>>>> "Ashu" == Joglekar, Ashu [IT]  writes:
 >     Ashu> (1) My DBA's have been telling me that Sybase will
 >     Ashu> end-of-life DBLib with version 12.0 of Open Client. Given
 >     Ashu> that there is a huge codebase out there that uses the
 >     Ashu> Sybase::DBlib module, has anyone tried to write a backwards
 >     Ashu> compatible wrapper that looks like Sybase::DBlib but calls
 >     Ashu> Sybase::CTlib behind the scenes?  Also, what sort of
 > I cannot believe that Sybase will EOL DBlib for just the reason that you
 > give, such a large install base, but who knows; sillier things have been
 > known.
 > Anyway, I thought that Sybase already did the wrapper lib ie DBlib is
 > already implemented as a series of CTlib calls, therefore no reason to EOL
 > DBlib.  I was trying to work out how to prove such a thing, but short of
 > trying to interrupt a DBlib call before completion and seeing the stack
 > trace, I cannot think of anything.  Maybe Michael can.  Anyway, I certainly
 > agree that DBlib is never going to be developed, but provided the API does
 > not change, then the DBlib wrapper will always be available.

I did an nm of the 12.5 libsybdb.a, and it doesn't look like it's a
wrapper around ClientLibrary. There are some calls to some comn_xxx
calls, and some intl_xxx calls, but other than that it seems that the
calls are native.

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