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From: David Owen <dowen at midsomer dot org>
Subject: Re: Sybase::DBLib EOL? and
Date: Aug 25 2001 3:05AM

>>>>> "Ashu" == Joglekar, Ashu [IT]  writes:

    Ashu> (1) My DBA's have been telling me that Sybase will
    Ashu> end-of-life DBLib with version 12.0 of Open Client. Given
    Ashu> that there is a huge codebase out there that uses the
    Ashu> Sybase::DBlib module, has anyone tried to write a backwards
    Ashu> compatible wrapper that looks like Sybase::DBlib but calls
    Ashu> Sybase::CTlib behind the scenes?  Also, what sort of

I cannot believe that Sybase will EOL DBlib for just the reason that you
give, such a large install base, but who knows; sillier things have been

Anyway, I thought that Sybase already did the wrapper lib ie DBlib is
already implemented as a series of CTlib calls, therefore no reason to EOL
DBlib.  I was trying to work out how to prove such a thing, but short of
trying to interrupt a DBlib call before completion and seeing the stack
trace, I cannot think of anything.  Maybe Michael can.  Anyway, I certainly
agree that DBlib is never going to be developed, but provided the API does
not change, then the DBlib wrapper will always be available.

    Ashu> (2)Several years back, I had upgraded Michael's original
    Ashu> to System 10.  Is there a System 12 version now?

Yes, the latest version covers just about everything from 12.  It runs
against 12.5 and generates good database schemas that build against 12.5.
It copes fine with the new extended datatypes and other stuff like that.  I
have yet to test it with a Java Stored Procedure since I do not have a
licence.  I also have an extensive set of databases and versions that I do
regression testing on to ensure that we still have backwards compatibility
with (the truely free version).  I am just in the process of
finishing off a couple of features to do with generating scripts for index

If anyone reading this is interested, the latest copy can be grabbed from (there is a zip file at the same
location) which points to the latest version.  There is quite a large
userbase and it has certainly changed extensively over the last couple of

I am in the process of porting it to CTlib, but I do not wish to do a
direct port.  I am trying to implement a 'DBA' library of useful, common,
calls that make churning out utilities much easier.  The sort of thing is
to return a list of databases for the current server, tables for a given
database etc etc.  I have a bit of a 'todo' list for that is
getting ever harder to implement, what I am trying to do is build a small
library for myself that does the donkey work and the pops out,
a bit like a loaf of bread out of a breadmaker.  I am not quite ready to
make the library ready for 'alpha' consumption, but am aiming to make it
available soon.  Anyone interested should let me know.

Obviously, anyone who feels that there should be a direct port would be
free to do so under the terms of the licence, but as Michael says, DBlib is
still around with 12.5 and so there is no immediate rush IMO.

David Owen     Midsomer Consultants Inc.
Maintainer of the Sybase FAQ: