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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Sybase::DBLib EOL? and
Date: Aug 23 2001 9:05PM

Joglekar, Ashu [IT] writes:
 > (1) My DBA's have been telling me that Sybase will end-of-life DBLib with
 > version 
 > 12.0 of Open Client. Given that there is a huge codebase out there that uses
 > the Sybase::DBlib module, has anyone tried to write a backwards compatible
 > wrapper that looks like Sybase::DBlib but calls Sybase::CTlib behind the
 > scenes?
 > Also, what sort of experience have people had migrating to Sybase::CTlib?
 > Any
 > recommendations, gotchas you would like to share?

DBlib is certainly still available in OC 12.5. I've not heard any EOL
messages from Sybase (other than the fact that new features would not
be added to DBlibrary).

That said I think that porting to CTlib would probably be a good idea
- I'm open to discussing a DBlib emulation layer (although getting it
*right* would be challenging, I think).

 > (2)Several years back, I had upgraded Michael's original to
 > System 10.
 > Is there a System 12 version now? Is there a merged Whitmarsh-Partridge
 > verion now?

David Owen maintains now - see

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