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From: jmcallister at dtint dot com
Subject: Re: Problems making Sybperl
Date: Aug 13 2001 4:05PM

I've found it best to build a completely new Perl from my own compiler and
not rely on the Perl built into Solaris 8. Most Perl modules want to be
compiled the same way the perl binary was. Since Sun used their own SunPro
compiler, you have lots of problems when you try to build a module with the
gcc compiler (even the one included on the freeware CD packaged with
Solaris!). If you build your own Perl of course you need to be mindful of
your environment PATH variable, "#!" lines, etc.

James McAllister
Digital Technology International

                    Michael Peppler                                                                                          
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                    08/13/01 09:41 AM                                                                                        
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Anders Mohlin writes:
 > Greetings PERL-gurus!
 > I am trying to make Sybperl 2.13 on a Sun workstation with Solaris 8 and
 > Sybase 12.0. The PERL version is 5.00305 and comes with Solaris 8
 > I have edited CONFIG to set the correct path to Sybase and to set
 > EXTRA_LIBS=-ltli
 > then I run perl Makefile.PL and after that make and the error messages
 > just keep coming:
 > lmeras38% make
 > Manifying ../blib/man3/Sybase::BCP.3
 > Skip ../blib/lib/Sybase/ (unchanged)
 > Skip ../blib/lib/Sybase/CTlib.pod (unchanged)
 > cc -c -I/opt/3pp/sybase/include  -xO3 -xdepend     -DVERSION=\"2.13\"
 > -DXS_VERSION=\"2.13\" -KPIC -I/usr/perl5/5.00503/sun4-solaris/CORE
 > -DCTLIBVS=100 -DSYBPLVER='"2.13"' -DDO_TIE CTlib.c
 > "/usr/perl5/5.00503/sun4-solaris/CORE/perlvars.h", line 21: invalid
 > token: ##

That seems to be a problem with the pre-processor. Looks like an
incorrect gcc or cc installation, or an incorrect perl installation.

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