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From: dowen at midsomer dot org
Subject: Re: Replication Server
Date: Jul 23 2001 4:13PM

> (a) Use the heartbeat facility built into repserver
> as well as the replication server monitor (RSM), if all you want to do is
> make 
> sure all of your processes are alive 

This tells you if the processes are alive and that replication is backed up, but
not how full the queue's are.  At least, not all in one screen and not in an 
'at-a-glance' format.  I agree that the tools are there, but you do have to 
dig a bit for all of the data.  The other thing that is missing is notification
of failure from the standard toolset.  It would nice to have a facility to page or
email people when certain errors are detected.

> (b) Write a script that will check the rowcount for all replicated
> tables on a given DBSERVER/DATABASE/RepServer --- I can't post my script
> (sigh) 
> but the logic is: 

Another alternative for this part is the rs_subcmp, which need not be too intrusive
on the server, provided you choose you where clauses carefully, but it does require
a certain amount of free processing power on the machine that it is running on.