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From: tao starbow <tao_starbow at yahoo dot com>
Subject: Problem with TEXT in DBD::Sybase
Date: Jul 19 2001 11:16PM

I am using DBD::Sybase ( version 0.23 ) to interface
with a Sybase-backed application.  Everything is
working well except for one table which includes a
TEXT field.  If I try to update the TEXT field (
"update table set field='new text' where key='key'" ),
it looks fine when I do a select, but the application
ignores it.  

The only way I can get the application to acknoledge a
change is to do an insert/select from another valid
table entry ( "insert into table ( select 'key' as
key, field from table where key='key2'" ).  Strangly
enough, when I do a select here, it looks identical to
the results of the method above.

I noticed that Sybperl has a "dbwritetext" function. 
I am wondering if there is something special about
data in the TEXT field, that is not being properly
enulated though the simple update call.

Does anyone have any suggestion/insight?

Thank You,
Tao Starbow

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