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From: Brad_Ziegler at notes dot mdor dot state dot mn dot us
Subject: Re: Sybperl and Sybase IQ
Date: Jul 19 2001 7:06PM

After swapping email with IQ tech support yesterday afternoon, I was able
to get everything working (ISQL and Sybperl).  They told me what you did
below, except that the database name doesn't have to match the IQ server
name.  In other words, the name you specify for the entry in the interfaces
file should be the database name instead of the server name.  Obviously, if
you have more than one database on the server like we do, it will result in
more entries in the interfaces file than what you previously had.

This setup allows Sybperl to work and probably DBD::Sybase also (I've only
tested Sybperl so far).  Just specify the database name in place of the
server name.  It turned out to be dramatically simpler than what I thought
it was going to be.
Thanks everybody for your help.

                    "Ruth S. McNay"                                                                                      
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I have successfully connect to asiq with isql and sqsh.

I had to start the server with the following command:

start_asiq @$ASDIR/msisIQ/msisIQ.cfg msisIQ.db -n msisIQ

And I had to make the following entry into the interfaces file.
The name use for the -n is the SERVER name that you use for -S...

        master tcp ether unixhost 2638
        query tcp ether  unixhost 2638


Michael Peppler wrote:
> writes:
>  > Anybody get Sybperl working with Sybase IQ 12.4.3 yet?
>  > Environment:  AIX 4.3.3, IQ 12.4.3.
>  > When I try to run an existing program, I get the following:
>  > Server message:
>  > Message number: 911, Severity 16, State 0, Line 0
>  > Message String: ASA Error -83: Specified database not found
>  > Open Client Message:
>  > Message number: LAYER = (4) ORIGIN = (1) SEVERITY = (4) NUMBER = (44)
>  > Message String: ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error:
>  > attempt to connect to the server failed.
> Try to connect with isql first.
> The issue is likely to be that ASIQ doesn't speak TDS the same way
> that other Sybase tools do...
> If you can get isql to connect, then there is hope that sybperl and
> DBD::Sybase will work too.
> Michael
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> Michael Peppler - Data Migrations Inc. -
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