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From: Brad_Ziegler at notes dot mdor dot state dot mn dot us
Subject: Sybperl and Sybase IQ
Date: Jul 18 2001 3:36PM

Anybody get Sybperl working with Sybase IQ 12.4.3 yet?
Environment:  AIX 4.3.3, IQ 12.4.3.

We are trying to upgrade to the latest IQ and would like to get everything
working and in production before we starting converting the perl programs
to using ODBC as Sybase "suggests".  Then we can change the programs at a
more leisurely pace.  In the past, we went from Production Sybase to
Warehouse Sybase (slicing and dicing on the way), and then copied the
Warehouse Sybase to IQ.  We would like to go directly to IQ now since it
has the needed functionality and we can also reclaim the disk farm we have
in the back 40.

When I try to run an existing program, I get the following:
Server message:
Message number: 911, Severity 16, State 0, Line 0
Message String: ASA Error -83: Specified database not found
Open Client Message:
Message number: LAYER = (4) ORIGIN = (1) SEVERITY = (4) NUMBER = (44)
Message String: ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error: The
attempt to connect to the server failed.
Can't call method "ct_sql" on an undefined value at /sybaseiq/
line 37,  line 1.

The connect call looks like:
$dbh = new Sybase::CTlib ($user,$pass,$DSQUERY);

Anybody have any suggestions on what the connect should look like for IQ
Has anybody used DBI and DBD::Sybase either?  What does that connect call
look like?

Brad Ziegler
State of Minnesota