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From: dowen at midsomer dot org
Subject: Re: Date formats and Sybase
Date: Jul 9 2001 10:14PM

> Ok, this may be a newbie, rtfm sort of question, but every time i look up
> the answer in the Sybase docs, i fail to believe it. Am i missing something
> or is Sybase's date display format conversion about the most limited of any
> DB? More to the point, unless i'm missing something there does not seem to
> be a way to get the dates out in any format that will give date and time in
> a 24 hour numerical only format, unless i do something like:
>     convert(char(10), date_field, 111) + " " + convert(char(8), date_field,
> 108)
> Please, somebody tell me that I'm overlooking some obvious additional date
> types or other way to get dates out of the DB.
A quick look at Rob Verschoor's handy guide tells me that you are correct.  A bit
sad really.