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From: Stephen dot Sprague at morganstanley dot com
Subject: CPAN Upload: S/SP/SPRAGST/Sybase-Xfer-0.51.tar.gz (fwd)
Date: Jul 1 2001 6:09PM

re:, version 0.51

Another version for intrepid Sybase users (I being one too!) Here's  the

 Bulk copies data into a Sybase  table.  Data  sources  can  include  a)
 another Sybase table, b) the results of any sql, c) the  return  values
 from a perl subroutine called repetitively, or d) a  flat  file.  Comes
 with robust error reporting, handling, and intercepting and  perl  call
 back hooks to intercept data before  and  after  they're  sent  to  the
 Also comes with a command line wrapper, sybxfer.

    use Sybase::Xfer;
    my %switches = (-from_server=>'CIA', -to_server=>'NSA', -table => 'x-files');
    my $h = Sybase::Xfer->new( %switches );
    my %status = $h->xfer(-return=>"HASH");
    print "xref failed. $status{last_error_msg}\n" unless $status{ok};
    sybxfer -from_server 'CIA' -to_server 'NSA' -table 'x-files'  
    if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then print "transfer problems"; fi

Version 0.51  15-jun-2001
* added -to_database documentation (Suresh Balakrishnan)

* added use 5.005. (Merijn Broeren)

* added new option -timeout [secs] (Ron Isaacson)

* added new option,
  -drop_and_recreate_indices | dari [syts:server.database]
  instructs xfer to drop the indices on the target table 
  before the transfer begins and to recreate them after
  the transfer is complete. 

* defined scalar return context of method xfer as follows:
  0 = success w/o any hitches
 >0 = success w/ n number of rows not transferred
 -1 = aborted. unrecoverable error
 -2 = aborted. interrupt signal
 -3 = aborted. timeout signal

* added above scalar return code as 4th element to 
  list return context. ie. array is as follows:
  [0] = num rows read from source
  [1] = num rows transferred to target
  [2] = last known error message
  [3] = scalar return code

* new switch added. -return=> 'HASH' | 'ARRAY' | 'SCALAR'
  default is SCALAR if called in scalar context and 
  ARRAY if called in list context. This is backward
  compatible default behavior. However, if HASH is specified
  the method will now return:
    {rows_read}        = number of rows read from target  
    {rows_transferred} = number of rows transferred to target
    {last_error_msg}   = last error message encountered   
    {scalar_return}    = scalar return. see above.
    {ok}               = 1 if all rows were transferred regardless
                         of retries or warnings along the way.
                       = 0 if not

* added 'Xfer info' portion to std out. This echoes
  -from_table, -to_table and logs pre-xfer activities
  like deleting rows, truncating table, dropping indices

* can now specify -to_table as:
  where source = 'Sybase' is the only supported source right
  now. -to_table settings override -to_server, -to_database

* fixed double mapping bug when using -from_file_map. Also,
  can now use -from_file_map with any source.

* fixed bug with -retry_verbose (Ilya Shulimovich)

* fixed bug when using -from_file and
  file had trailing null fields. (Thomas Boccafola)

* rigorous deadlock testing performed by Ilya Shulimovich (i think)

* huge thanks to Ron Isaacson for enlightening me on many
  various perl oddities and for volunteering to help me 
  with more releases of this module. Hell, he's even starting
  in own xfer module that'll stretch past this one.

* documentation on error handling expanded. 
* added documentation in the bugs section that -to_tables
  residing on Sybase Openserver's are not supported for the
  target table.
  (Peter Somu)

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Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 20:01:44 +0200
From: PAUSE 
To: Stephen J. Sprague ,
Subject: CPAN Upload: S/SP/SPRAGST/Sybase-Xfer-0.51.tar.gz

The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/S/SP/SPRAGST/Sybase-Xfer-0.51.tar.gz
  size: 41189 bytes
   md5: 23bf437291606dd1ae70a5076e84fd83

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Request entered by: SPRAGST (Stephen J. Sprague)
Request entered on: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 18:00:28 GMT
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